Frequently asked questions about mp2 louvre windows

For a quick overview, we have summarized answers to the most frequently asked questions about windows and lamellas in a short and understandable form.

Controlling the louvre windows to cool them down at night can make air conditioning obsolete and thus reduce a building’s energy consumption.

Louvre windows not only have an aesthetically outstanding function but also serve functionally for ventilation, smoke extraction and air conditioning.

The slats can be opened by almost 90° and are very easy to clean.

There are security solutions with which burglary protection can be integrated from inside and outside. We would be happy to present our security concepts for louvre windows to you.

If our louvre windows are connected to the building control system, the windows are opened in the event of smoke or fire so that smoke and harmful gases can escape.

Louvre windows are a perfect solution for rooms that need to be ventilated in a short time. Especially in rooms with a high number of people (classrooms, lecture halls, offices, etc.), a quick exchange of air takes place within a few minutes.