Hinged lamella and Lamella windows

Daylight, sense of space and fresh air are attributes of modern buildings. Architecturally demanding design with low energy consumption and intelligent operability are the today’s requirements. Natural ventilation is playing a more and more important role. Sufficient fresh air supply improves the air quality and can even replace an air-conditioning system. Lamella windows made by mp2 are highly-efficient ventilators with low space requirement. They can be precisely regulated and provide excellent ventilation properties for instance for the smoke extraction in case of a fire.

The room is optimally utilised due to the folding technique and leaves the interior free for escape routes. The reduced frame parts of the mp2 windows allow ample daylight into the rooms. Lamella windows made by mp2 are easy to clean and durable, so that the maintenance costs are kept low. Mosquito nets can be easily mounted.