e-motion [d-sky]

Insert element for sloped mullion / transom facades from 10° to 80°

Panel section [d-sky]

e-motion [d-sky] Einsatzelement für geneigte PR-Fassaden

Detail clamping adapter vertical view

Design identical on the left and on the right

Detail clamping adapter hotizontal view

Design identical on the left and on the right

Equipment Options

Hand crank
Manual window operation by means of a pluggable hand crank. Positioning at the top or bottom frame profile.

Drive 230 V
230 V drive visibly recessed in the bottom frame profile. Optionally only for facade windows up to a surface of about 2 sqm.

Power supply unit
Upstream power supply unit 230 V/24 V for direct connection to 230 V. Invisibly integrated in the frame profile and wired ready to work.

Contactless pinch protection
Window securing from the inside contactless via combined infrared radar sensors. Protection class 4 according to VFF (Association Window + Facade) KB01. Wired ready to work (integrated in the frame profile).

Insect protection
Aluminium frame can be covered with different webs. With spring pins for easy installation in the window frame reveal.


  • Frame with clamping adapter prepared for mounting on sloped mullion / transom facades.
  • The standard adapter is available in a clamping thickness of 32 mm and designed with a depth of 25 mm for a 50 or 60 facade system
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